Using Agenda for Job Search

Hey there,

Actually this topic is kind of a question.
I just started using, let’s say discovering, Agenda, so far it’s Avery I ate resting and promising.
But right now, I don’t have much time to do workflow tryouts and I was hoping to submit a situation and have your feedback on how you’d use it…

I’m looking for work.
I have leads that turn into cv sending, that turn into interviews and hopefully we’ll you get the gist.
On the side I also participate in job dating events.
I also dig into lots of jobs websites (StepStone, LinkedIn Jobs, …)
Finally I am currently following a few online training to help me stay on the market…

Before going further, little poll:
Would you

  1. create a category “job”, then a project “job search”, and every note is an instance of a contact or actions done related to a potential work lead


  1. create a category job search, and every project is a potential lead, and every note is a event or action in relation to that lead.

Would you guys be so kind as to help me by telling which way you’d go and why.



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Personally, I would probably go for the second option. A category for the search, and each project would be a different lead? Eg. a LinkedIn project etc.

When you have a good job option, I would make that a separate project. You could then enter notes to research the organization, a note to prepare for an upcoming interview, notes on people you have met and talked to etc. When the interview comes around, you can read back through your notes and be prepared, as well as noting questions etc that you want to use ahead of time for the “future” interview.

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the feedback. I’m still trying to get around the app and figure out a way to make it work for me. Cheers