Using Agenda as a task manager


Is it possible to use agenda as a task manager or create notes that are used in recurring events ?


You can certainly create checklists within your notes and as such use it as a task manager, also in combination with reminders if you like.

It’s also possible to link notes to the individual occurrences of a repeating event (e.g. this monday’s weekly meeting). It’s not currently possible to link a note to all occurrences of a repeating event, it’s something we’d discourage. Instead you can consider using the new templates features to create a standard note for each event: Create a new note from a template, then link it to the calendar event.


about your suggestion.

What I really need is to create notes that use a repeating task for example electricity bill, every month or insurance bill every year.
Your suggestion do not seem exactly want I
Is this possible ?

Antonio V.


At the moment this isn’t possible, that feels more like it belongs in the calendar and/or reminders app to be honest.