Using Aeon Timeline app as graphical representation of notes in Agenda

iOS App Store:

macOS product page:

Think of a gantt diagram timeline for each and all of your Agenda notes. Found out about it just last night thanks to Matt Gemmell.

Create the item; give it your note’s title, add the Agenda link; tie each item with predecessor and successor dependencies.


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Not sure how Aeon works, but if it is capable of generating links, you may just be able to copy a node or drag it into Agenda, to get a backlink.

I have a shortcut that can take an Aeon Timeline project and turn it into Taskpaper format that I used for getting info into OmniFocus, if that’s of any use: basically you share the archive from Aeon, extract JSON from it and then you can manipulate the data as you like.

It’s pretty amazingly quick and dirty, more proof of concept than anything else.

The iOS version of Aeon is really a companion app to the desktop though: lots of things you can’t do there yet.

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