User interface bug when collapsing notes



Mojave OS
Agenda 2.6
Using large font size for accessibility

  • Create a note with a long title, for example: “Workstream: Adding sixteen widgets to green dog site subsections.”
  • Now try to collapse the note.
  • You can’t. The grabber symbol is too close to the text. You will continuously select the title text for editing and never succeed in collapsing the note. You will have to use the option from the menu.


This is indeed a known issue, unfortunately a bit of a consequence of the design. You’re best of as a workaround to use the Note > Collapse menu command or corresponding keyboard shortcut. We’ll see if this can be improved, thanks for reporting!


A solution can be to have left to the calendar symbol of a note another symbol like an areow shown down (to expand) and another arrow showing up to collapse a note.
| O title of the note. V @ |