Use Backspace to delete an image in the image popup

In Agenda, when you click on an image, a popup menu shows up that lets you resize the image, etc. One of the items in this menu lets you “Delete” the image. I think it would be useful if when that popup is on screen, the backspace key would also trigger that deletion. I would find it easier than aiming at the “Delete” menu option.

Given that deletion is such a destructive action I don’t think this would be a good idea, unless it would trigger a confirmation dialog. But note that you can simply backspace in the text to delete an attachment, no need to first open the popup menu.

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You know best :slight_smile:

Something I had not thought earlier: even if deletion is destructive, the user is always able to undo this deletion…

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True, but the problem of having the delete key have this result in a popover is that if you hit it by accident the fact that the popover closes and therefore your context switches, often you don’t realise what has actually happened. And by the time you do then often undo has moved on.

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Yeah, true.