Use Agenda to put into practice “The ONE Thing” method

  1. Choose the category in Agenda where you will insert the project mentioned in step 2.

  2. Create in Agenda project “The ONE Thing”

  3. On a daily basis, create two notes: one titled “Today” and another titled “Right now”

  4. On one note, add the headings “Spiritual”, “Health”, “Personal”, “Key relationships”, “Job”, “Business” and “Finances”

  5. On the other note, paste the same seven headings

  6. You’re going to repeat steps 4 and 5 daily, OK? So you might want to create a template note for the seven headings.

  7. Choose a heading in “Today” which matters the most to you and write the answer to the question…

What is the one thing I can do today in terms of [chosen heading] that’ll make everything else easier or unnecessary?

  1. Answer the same question in the correlated heading for the “Right now” note, that is to say…

What is the one thing I can do at this very moment in terms of [correlated heading] that’ll make everything else easier or unnecessary?

  1. Make the answer to step 8 a reality; it doesn’t matter if you complete it or not; all that matters is that you use your daily willpower energy supply towards tending that activity.

  2. Make sure to remind yourself during the day to repeat steps 7, 8 and 9 all over again; this will be much easier at some point when Agenda supports the very coveted reminders functionality.

I don’t have to tell you and you don’t need to hear it from me but, obviously, Agenda being a date-based note-taking app, make sure to date stamp your daily note pairs. :wink:

Use the checklist bullet in Agenda to check-off done items beneath the corresponding heading and, if you want to be very clear about it, strike through the text once completed.

If you wanted to do something but couldn’t (for example, Today > Health > go walking 10,000 steps > Right now > Health > put on clothes, then you might want to consider using the “fixed width” font feature to comment what was the obstacle (i.e., “it was raining”), so as to separate the item from the comment.

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing this!

Thanks, @drewmccormack and thanks, @mekentosj for the added tag. I made some edits to my original post.