URL be cut and not functioned

What I did: Copy an URL with https:// at beginning

What happened: The URL be cut and cannot function.

What I expected: To paste the whole URL including the words after ? and/or #

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): MacOS Big Sur

I found that would not be happened when I delete the https:// and paste would be okay (the above line), but it wired and not in a good user experience. Normally, the bottom line is what I would like to report and hope you would fix it.

Thank you.

Good news, in Agenda 14 this behaviour will be much improved and more reliable. In addition there will also be a way to keep the url appear in full length if you prefer that.


@mekentosj thanks for the prompt reply, cannot wait for Agenda 14!

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