Upload a spreadsheet image or PDF of a schedule and save it to a calendar

For example, my SO and I have similar formats of our schedules from our employers, and mine is emailed to me but my SO takes a picture to send to me.

I would like to upload these files/images into an app and it automatically converts them into a format it can then add the shifts and days to a digital calendar.

Maybe I have to tell it which line to look at every time, but ideally it would learn to identify the line by the person’s name and only require me to manually highlight if the name isn’t visible.

Can’t find an edit but but I wanted to add I would definitely purchase for this feature.

Unfortunately, extracting information from an image like that is a very challenging problem. You will probably find ways to do some of it, eg, Apple is just adding text recognition in images now, but to fully convert that to calendar events is beyond the current state of software, I would say.

Better would probably be to try to get the information in a standard calendar format, or even subscribe to a calendar, to have your Calendar app handle the data and keep it up to date. Agenda will then see the changes automatically when they change in Calendar.