Updated drawing tools

Sketching is one of the best companions to note taking. Or one of its best forms. Currently Agenda has limited sketching capabilities similar to (or possibly based on) Apple Notes.

What I’m personally missing is an infinite canvas, pinch to zoom in and out, and rotate a selection. These three additions would complement my workflow so that in between of writing notes I could directly sketch out my thoughts, say wireframes of multiple screens of an app on a single canvas.

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Thanks for the feedback. Indeed, Agenda uses the built in system support for sketching/pencil, which is based on Apple Notes.

Building a full infinite canvas seems a bit outside our mandate. It’s basically a whole app in itself. If I were you, I would give Apple’s new Freeform a try. You may be able to link from Agenda to the documents in Freeform, or copy documents from Freeform into Agenda, and then open them via Agenda.

Thanks for the feedback!