Update Agenda to the latest version

What I did: After using Agenda on the Mac a little and deciding I liked it, I signed up to the paid version and then decided to install it on my iPhone as well.

What happened: After installing it there, I got an error on OSX stating “The synced device “Johns-iPhone” uses a newer version of Agenda that is incompatible with the version on this Mac. Please update to the latest version before continuing.”

What I expected: When clicking update and going to the OSX App Store, I expected there to be an Agenda update available, however there was not.

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Sorry about that, the Agenda update in the Mac App Store should become available within the next few hours as well if it hasn’t already. The attachment feature requires an update on all your devices, mac and iOS, unfortunately new updates always take a little bit of time to propagate through the various App Stores, which makes these synchronised updates a bit of a pain. Fortunately we only need few of those.
Again, apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience in this one.

Note that if you downloaded Agenda from our web site, and not the Mac App Store, you can best choose the Agenda > Check for Updates… menu to update.

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I’ve used several Apple IDs over the years and I’ve lost track of which one I used to buy Agenda. Short of logging in and out of the app store with each ID and perusing the Purchased list for each one, is there any way to tell which ID I used to buy Agenda? (I see 4.0 in the app store with an Open button, but I’m not being shown that I can upgrade although About Agenda in the app is still showing 2.6.)

Note that it does not matter which Apple ID you used to purchase. Just download with any ID, and if you previously purchased the premium features, make sure you sign in to your Agenda Account. That will unlock the features.

I have updated my iPhone and iPad to IOS 4.0 (clicked on App Store link on your website) App is not starting any longer on both devices.

That’s very odd, not even after a reboot of the device?

No, just tried on my iPad

I would try deleting the app and reinstalling it from the App Store, it sounds like the update didn’t go well.