Untitled notes being created without my request

Bug: Mac OSX 10.14.4, Agenda 5.5 (78). Without my interaction, I seem to be getting new empty notes. I delete the note, go do something else and the next thing I know, a new empty note has been created again. This has been going on for several days now, both at home and in the office. I’m afraid I am not clear on what causes it, but I just deleted one while typing this message, and while I was contemplating what to tell you a new untitled note appeared in the agenda window. Agenda does not evn have the focus.

I think this happened a couple months ago to me too. If my memory isn’t too murky, it had something to do with a syncing problem between devices, where I had accidentally created an empty note on device 1 and tried to delete it device 2, and it kept regenerating on device 2 until I deleted it on device 1. I’ve never had it happen again—I assume it was a weird icloud quirk. I think the two devices were my iphone and iPad.

Thanks…Agenda was running on my office computer at the same time. I turned it off there and the problem is gone for now at home.
I’ll keep this in mind.

Ok glad it got resolved, indeed sounds like the sync issue @michaelbrooksjohnson hit. Let us know if it returns.