"Untitled Note" in header bar doesn't change -- leads to confusion



What I did:

  • Create a new note
  • Start editing the title of the new note
  • Start editing content of new note

What happened:

The “Untitled Note” in the header bar to the right of the Project did not change until focus was changed to a separate note. I actually found this confusing and clicked on that to create a new note instead of the “+”


What I expected:


  • The “Untitled Note” in the header listens to the title of the note and updates per keystroke (preferred), or
  • On loss of focus of the title textbox, the header changes while in the same note.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Agenda v1.1, mac Sierra 10.12.6


Thanks for the detailed bug report Jim, this one is indeed on my fox list, @drewmccormack had noticed it too. Will try to fix it ASAP