Untitled / Empty notes

This is probably not a comon problem, since I didn’t locate other threads.

But, I’m always finding Agenda littered with “Untitled / Empty” notes that I have to delete. I’m doing something wrong, clicking something that’s creating notes, though I cannot locate why.

If Agenda is creating notes merely because of the way I’m navigating the interface I’d prefer it to stop that. I think that note creation always be explicit: I tell Agenda to “create a note here” or “create a note there”.

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The only situation where Agenda creates an empty note is if you create a new project, I think that might have been where they came from.

I find the default behavior of creating an empty note with a new project a bit annoying. I work from an “Inbox” project, then move notes to new projects as needed. Maybe make it a preference?

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I’ll see if I can add a preference indeed