Unexpected order of notes and can’t re-order

What I did: Created a note earlier today. Created a new note attached to the meeting I’m attending. Due to the order, attempted to reorder notes.

What happened: The new note was sorted below the note created earlier today. When I attempted to reorder, the “will remove date” dialog appeared.

What I expected: Notes to sort by creation time if they are not linked to a calendar event

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda iOS, current, iPad Pro

Hi Steve,

Notes that don’t have a date associated can be moved to any position in the document that you want. If a note has a date however, we insist on an order that is consistent with the overall sort order of the document (i.e. if it sorts newer notes first, you can’t move yesterday’s note before today). You can flip the overall sort order by clicking or tapping the header at the top of a project:

Hope that makes sense?

It makes sense, but I’m not sure it reflects what I’m seeing. I have a note that is connected to today, but not to a meeting. I wrote it first thing this morning.

I have another note that I wrote later that is connected to a meeting. It is ordered below the previous one. I expect it to be the other order. Thoughts?

When you don’t link to a specific event but to the entire day it sorts later than the meeting because the day hasn’t finished yet, and as such ends later than the meeting (we can’t know if you’re still working on it or finished the note already and won’t touch it anymore).

One thing we might still approve upon is allowing to manually reorder the meeting to be first, I can see how that would not be a strict violation of sort order. The same goes with single day notes manually sorted to a different position compared to a note with a day range that includes the single day. That’s still on my list to look at.

Ah! I see! Because you don’t know whether or not I’ve finished it. However, what if the sort order was based on last edit time? That would put it where I’d like it without the requirements for a manual resort. Also, it would auto-sort if I edit it, again, and that’s what I would expect. Seems worth consideration?

More sort options is indeed something we’d like to look into.

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I’ve seen many conversations about sort order and responses that the company is working on more flexible sorting. One suggestion I haven’t seen (although perhaps I missed it) that would be useful: one should be able to sort by order of note creation or last edit even when notes are assigned to dates or calendar events.

Consider dates on notes used as due dates. When reviewing the history of a project, I want to see the order in which ideas came, not the due dates assigned to them which might have been determined by how difficult or complex they are rather than their natural chronology.

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Ideally sort on both creation and last edited date would indeed be an option too.

Hi, I have two notes that are undated and pinned to the top. I notice I can’t change the order of these two notes. The order changed though when I changed the sort order of the project. (Even though these two notes are undated) Any help on this please?

I’ve got three notes pinned at the top of a project. I can’t remember exactly how I got them in the order I wanted, but it involved unpinning and re-pinning. Hope that helps!

At the moment it can work if you try to move the lower one upwards, usually not the other way around. Having said that, we do hope to make this easier in the future.

There used to be a trick where you could sequentially pin them in reverse order, or “move up” in reverse order… which doesn’t seem to work anymore. At least over here, I can’t predict what order pinned notes will appear in. So basically, it’s either stick to a single pinned note, or live with the fact that I can’t choose the order. This is one of my pet peeves with Agenda, because pinned notes are very useful (and are a premium feature), but they lose a lot of utility when I can’t order them.

My current workaround, when I really really want multiple pinned notes, is to have a parallel “header” project that serves as a container for what would otherwise be my pinned notes. I can reorder notes freely within that, and the header project always stays above the main project. But, it’s definitely an inelegant workaround.

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