Undo undoes too many steps

What I did:

  1. Using Agenda MacOS.
  2. Open a note.
  3. Copy-paste 5 bullet points into the note.
  4. Delete each bullet in the bullet points, one by one.
  5. Realize I deleted too much and press COMMAND+Z or Undo on the Mac to Undo the last delete.

What happened:
Instead of Undoing the last delete or the last thing I did, the Undo would undo all my past deletes (maybe 5 or so) and basically reset what I did.

What I expected:
I expected that the Undo would simply undo the last thing I did, which in this case was delete something – and not undo 5+ previous steps.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
I am using the latest Agenda update on Mac OS running 10.14.5.

I often get this problem on the Mac as well, but I also get it on other apps like bear and spark, so I assume it may be a system-wide thing.

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Interesting @mateusbmelchiades … I don’t have Bear and Spark. So for me (so far) this only happens with Agenda… @mekentosj thanks for correcting my typo! :blush::+1:

Yes, this is a bit of a balancing act. You don’t want people to have to undo typing of individual characters, but also not have undo completely remove multiple lines. We try to snapshot after every few words, and if you pause for a few seconds. Sounds like it treated the line deletion as a single thing. If there were pauses between, probably would have been separate.

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Interesting. Yes, a balancing act. :thinking:

How does Word processor like Pages or Word handle the balancing act? I think using them as the standard/benchmark for the “right balance” might be a good idea because we are used to using Undo in those environments and have been “trained” to expect certain Undo behaviors from years of using such applications. By mimicking their Undo balancing act, I imagine you would make the vast majority (maybe all) of your users who are expecting such Undo behavior happy. :blush: Maybe?

Yes, that is exactly what we do :slight_smile:

The undo behavior is largely the same as other standard text apps. An undo checkpoint after every few words, and when you pause.

It’s possible we have cases that are not perfect. It sounds like deleting a line at a time may be one of those. It is setup to treat fast deletions in a row as a single deletion.

Kind regards,

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Good to know that it’s what you are doing…:grinning: but I am not getting the same “vibe” / feeling / behavior as when I Undo on other applications such as Pages, Word or Apple’s built in Notes.

To help you more, I probably would have to take the time to do parallel simulations in Pages and Agenda and see exactly when things defer… I will try to do so. Thanks @drewmccormack for your clarifications. :+1:

Hi @drewmccormack,

Ok here goes. I am using Pages and Agenda. In both cases, I am doing exactly the same actions but the results are different. Here is what I did:

  1. Create text.
  2. Turn text into a Bullet List (Text Bullets in Pages).
  3. Delete each bullet in the list by selecting the sentence and bullet and deleting.
  4. Once each bullet has been deleted, COMMAND+Z to Undo.

Here is where the results differ:
In Agenda:
Immediately every single deleted bullet point is immediately restored with one Undo command.

In Pages:
Each time I do one Undo command, it Undos just one step/item:

  • The return (I think)
  • The bullet point
  • The sentence at the bullet point
  • Repeat until all bullet points and text have been restored.

As you can see the resulting behaviors are very different. If I am not mistaken the way Pages handles the Undo sequence is the more common way.

I don’t know if this will help but when I deleted each bullet point, I noticed that it seems like Pages sees each bullet point as 3 different items: the bullet point, the bullet text, and a return. Whereas Agenda sees each bullet point as 1 item or maybe more accurately all bullet points in a bullet list as 1 item? :pray:

Thanks for report. We will look into it.

Note that your results will be very different based on whether you pause at all. Agenda will put in a checkpoint if you pause.

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@drewmccormack thank you and noted regarding the pauses.

Although I cannot guarantee it 100%, I am fairly sure that my overall speed/pace was similar in both Pages and Agenda as I was following the exact same repetitive actions and keystrokes.

Anyway, thanks again for looking into it! :smile::pray:

I would like to add my +1 that Agenda is the ONLY application I use in which the UNDO functionality is unreliable. Don’t get me wrong, I love Agenda, but I always cringe every time I have to use the UNDO functionality. The fact that I have to cringe is concerning.

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Agreed @Walter, I love Agenda and believe the devs have already done an absolutely amazing job. But the UNDO is both scary and frustrating (for me).

Please report any cases where undo does something unexpected, with explicit steps so we can try to identify what is going wrong.

Just tested this. It does seem it may have to do with the copy paste not being undo snapshotted. I will investigate.

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Will do @drewmccormack and thank you! :pray: