Understanding How Calendar Events Work Before Upgrading

I’d like to understand how calendar links work before upgrading. I use BusyCal on the Mac (and iOS) which is compatible with and fully integrated with Apple’s Calendar App and ecosystem.

When a new event is created from Agenda; does it add a link to the notes field of an event? I have pasted an Agenda link into the notes field of BusyCal and it works great. I just want to make sure how this is implemented. Do you happen to know if it works with BusyCal? Or at least, please let me know how it works with Calendar.

Thank you.

Hi there, hope I can help. I also use BusyCal and yes, it works exactly as you said. Creating a new calendar event within Agenda automatically includes the note link in the event on BusyCal. The link is in the notes section. It’s been working like a dream for me.

There was another post on the forum somewhere about setting BusyCal as the default calendar from within the macOS Calendar app. It included a screenshot. That post was really helpful for me, because it had not occurred to me to actually go into Calendar to set BusyCal as default. I’ll see if I can find it again and point you towards it. Not sure if this step really matters for what you’re asking about, but I was happy to remove Calendar from the equation because occasionally when clicking on something the system would open Calendar instead of BusyCal.

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Here’s a link to that post (with the screenshot) to set BusyCal as default:

3rd party calendars

Thank you so much Harmony! It looks like they added support for BusyCal in version1.3 I went ahead and upgraded, and as you say, it works perfectly in BusyCal. And, I checked and do have BusyCal set up as my default.

Oh no, I just noticed today that note links in BusyCal iOS seem inactive. I do about 90% of my work on the desktop and so far I had only used the Agenda iOS app to view notes while I was away from my computer. I was pleased all my notes easily appeared on the iOS app and the interface was similar to the desktop. However, today I opened an event in BusyCal iOS that had an Agenda note linked to it, but could not open the link. I had to open the Agenda iOS to find the corresponding note. Not a big deal, but have I missed something important? I have been spoiled with this feature working so smoothly on the desktop, it actually caught me off guard when it didn’t work the same on my phone.

Also, I apologize to the original poster when I chimed in to answer a question about how this feature works when I actually only had experience with it on the desktop at that point. I assumed it would work the same on iOS, so I feel badly about providing incomplete information.

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Don’t feel bad Harmony. I’m very happy with my purchase. Hopefully, they’ll get around to fixing that soon.