Unable to use periods in tags

What I did: Typed in a tag with a period.

What happened: Created a tag out of the characters entered before the period.

What I expected: Create a tag with all characters entered.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

So the use case for this is version numbers. I’m creating notes for enhancements for the next version of the software we created and if I try to use a period in the tag it only creates a tag out of the characters before the period. So for example, the tag I’m trying to create is for version 20.95. The tag that is created is 20 and the .95 is left off.

Being able to have periods in tags would be very beneficial as then I can see all notes related to specific versions of the software based on the version tag.


You’ve indeed the current limitation of tags, we hope to make the kind of tags you mention, as well as tags with spaces possible in a future update. Thanks for the feedback!

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Will this include other special characters, such as +?

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Yes, we would like any character to be possible down the road

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Another clear use case: I’d like to create a person or tag that contains an apostrophe so that I can tag notes with the names of our clients. e.g. @McDonald’s

Willing to help us understand where might this fall on your roadmap @mekentosj?

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No ETA yet I’m afraid other than that it’s on our wishlist too.

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thanks. just wanted to +1 this. the ability to use punctuation (at the very least, periods, for reasons already mentioned above in this thread by someone else) in tags is very important, and would greatly enhance Agenda’s overall functionality for many. very much looking forward to this.

I came to the community to ask the same thing so I’m going to bump this also. I have the same use case. I’m a PO/PM full stack so all my projects are different products I’m magaging across our company. I want to tag by version numbers (and likely other things as well but) so I can do a search or find for anything with that version. I just started using Agenda yesterday, so this popped up pretty quick for me. Womp womp! :wink:


yes, exactly! Alex and team, please note!

ps, @kocotech – what is “PO/PM full stack?”

Product Owner/Product Manager - full stack as in I manage all our products. The full development stack (rather than being a PO for one specific product out of our stack of products).

+1 to this! Would be really helpful to have : as well for Bible texts. Thank you.

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just wanted to bump this thread, as it appears to be have been some time since it was last mentioned. The ability to include version numbers in tags (e.g. #versionX.Y.Z) would be a tremendous enhancement for me, and it appears a number of others.

We plan to address this in the next major update of Agenda.

Update: Agenda 14 now supports periods and other punctuation inside tags and people tokens if you use the format #(some.tag.2.0), you can see it in action here