Unable to sync across devices, Syncs partially and after that stops syncing

What I did:
Tried using agenda across all my devices.
I had literally tried everything in my hand including removing agenda completely from my other mac and reinstalling it.
Tried syncing via Dropbox and iCloud both.
turning on and off sync.
Making small changes in every project in Agenda.
Leaving the application open for several hours.

What happened:
It didn’t worked as expected.
So basically what happens is that it syncs but partially and once it’s done syncing partially I mean half of the projects it never syncs properly.

What I expected:
I really love Agenda it is one of the application I can’t live without. I use it for my daily, weekly and monthly task management.
I want it that I can make changes on my iPhone, iPad, work mac and my personal mac but the only device I have complete data on is my personal laptop all of my other devices are synced partially.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
All of my devices are running latest operating systems and latest version of Agenda as well.
Tried both dropbox and iCloud.
I am facing this issue from last 3 months I tried finding solutions over internet and this forum but nothing had helped so I made my mind to post it here.

Sorry you are experiencing this. We have a new version (Agenda 14) coming next week, and it does include some sync improvements.

If you would like early access to that, I can sign you up for the beta program. Let me know.

If not, here is a way to do a pretty complete reset to see if the sync will work better…

Do you have a Mac with all the data on it? If so, here is what I would do…

  1. Turn off sync in Agenda on each device, removing the cloud data each time it asks you if you want to remove it.
  2. To also remove the cloud data in iCloud, turn on iCloud sync for a few seconds on the Mac, and then turn it off again, and remove the cloud data when it asks.
  3. Delete the app on your iOS devices. Only do this if you know your Mac has all the data, because deleting your iOS apps also deletes their copy of the Agenda data.
  4. Quit the Mac app
  5. Click on Finder, and choose Go > Go to Folder
  6. Enter this ~/Library/Group Containers/WRBK2Z2EG7.group.com.momenta.agenda.macos/Release/Application (There is one space after Group, but no other spaces)
  7. You should see folders DerivedInfo, PersistentInfo etc
  8. Drag the DerivedInfo to the Trash
  9. Go into PersistentInfo, and drag the three files beginning with ChangeSets to the Trash too
  10. Launch Agenda on Mac, and wait for your data to rebuild (a minute or two)
  11. Once you see all your data again, turn on the sync. I recommend iCloud, but Dropbox should also work.
  12. Wait 10 minutes with Agenda just running, and the computer staying awake
  13. Now install on iOS, and enable the sync there too. Again, keep it awake about 10 minutes.

Kind regards,

Hi @drewmccormack ,
Thanks a lot.
I really want to thank you from bottom of my heart.
It is working like charm via iCloud on both of my MacBooks and iPhone.
Can’t emphasis more.
Thanks again.

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Great to hear that!

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This seems to be a known issue with syncing the iPhone version of the app to iCloud, especially after a sync from another device.

I have 2 iPads and a MacBook. All sync with Agenda just fine to iCloud.

I also have an iPhone. Sync is enabled. Same iCloud ID. Nothing. Agenda doesn’t sync at all.

No, I’m not going to delete everything, dig through system files, and clear everything off. My iPhone isn’t that important. I’ll just use iPad mostly.

I recommend you not settle for thinking your iCloud sync for iPhone is good enough. It’s not.

Many thousands of customers are syncing with iPhone, so that is not the problem in itself.

Some things you could check:

  • Is the version of Agenda on iPhone the same as on other devices? Old versions of Agenda may not sync with newer ones to protect data integrity
  • Is iCloud Drive turned on for the iPhone (note that this is different to being signed in to iCloud)?
  • Have you given the app a few minutes to do the initial download? This can take a few minutes. Sometimes an idea to disable autolock while you do this. After the first sync, it is fast.

I had another iPhone app also having sync issues. I reset the phone to a clean start with a new carrier tonight. After that, Agenda just fully synced right away. My apologies for pinning the sync issues on Agenda. Thank you for the reply.

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Tried this for my sync problem, but didn’t solve the problem that a project with 365 notes didn’t sync to the iOS en iPadOS devices, after stopping sync, deletings app, etc., following your procedures.
Then I tried this: I set up a new project on the Mac and copied all the 365 notes to the new project.
To my surprise and joy all 365 notes synced within seconds to the other devices.
Can you explain this? Was the first project hampered?

I suspect something odd with the initial project. Projects sync individually, so a new project will behave differently.