Unable to share notes from SideNotes to Agenda on macOS

What I did: Try to export a SideNotes note to Agenda (on MacOS).

What happened: The Agenda share popup appeared, but nothing happens when clicking the top dropdown to pick a note. it highlights in the accent color but the dropdown doesn’t open. It does open when sharing with other apps.

What I expected: The popup to work haha.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Latest Agenda version, Mac OS Big Sur.

I raised the issue to the SideNotes team but figured I’d also raise it here, the issue comes from the Agenda popup but seems to only happen when sharing from SideNotes so not sure where the issue lies…

Indeed I’m able to reproduce it and it’s indeed specific to SideNotes, we’ll have a look at why this is.

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I’ve had a closer look and this is unfortunately caused by the way the window from Sidenotes is set up, which hosts the Agenda sharing extension. When you click the header it should show a popover with the projects to select from, but somehow the system doesn’t show the popover in the window environment that Sidenotes creates. The nasty bit is that from the sharing extension we can’t get information on the type of window or the name of the app that it’s triggered from, which means we can’t do much about it from our end. Perhaps the Sidenotes team can do something here but I’m not very sure of that either alas :frowning: