Unable to remove Agenda data from iCloud

I am no longer using Agenda and have removed it from all my devices. (Sorry)

If I manage iCloud data I can see that Agenda is taking up some space that is no longer needed. The usual process is to select Agenda, and then choose the option to delete all data. This does not work for Agenda and the item remains in the list of applications storing data in iCloud.

I have successfully removed other applications from this interface so would appear to be a bug in Agenda only.

I have attempted to remove this data using devices on iOS 13 and 14, and also from a Mac running macOS 10.15.6


Agenda is just using iCloud normally, so it should behave like any other app. Removing data in iCloud often takes a little while. Try doing it and see if the data is gone in a few hours or a day.

You can also remove the data using Agenda itself: open the app, and go to Settings in the app. Turn off the iCloud sync, and the app will ask if you want to remove the cloud data. Answer that you do, and it will remove it.

Again, this can take a while to show up in the Settings app under iCloud, but the data is really gone.

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Cheers - I will try removing it from within the app and see if that helps. Other apps do remove data instantly from iCloud so I am not sure that I agree there. It has been several days now. That said, if I use terminal and go here

cd ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/

I can’t see any folder relating to Agenda, which I would have thought I would have done, if it is listing as application in the manage iCloud data System Preferences folder.

Do you have a test setup you could try the same process on and see if the Agenda items does remove itself from iCloud?

Yes, it definitely removes the data. The reason other apps are probably behaving differently is that Agenda doesn’t sync via the Mobile Documents files. It doesn’t use files at all. It uploads directly to the iCloud database (called CloudKit), which is much faster and more stable. But it seems Apple’s accounting for the cloud data handled this way is not as good as the local documents, which explains why it can take a while for data to be accounted for.

Ah cheers - that makes it weirder though, as normally CLoudKit data doesn’t show up in the iCloud Manage Storage section, yet Agenda is there…

CloudKit does show up in the managed storage. It still counts towards your allowance. In fact, CloudKit won’t work if you have iCloud Drive turned off.

cheers thanks for your help with this.

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