Unable to Post in `Talk`

Hi folks!

Just joining this community, but seems I’m not able to post in the Talk category. Is that something that needs to be earned? I couldn’t find anything in the FAQ.

Loving Agenda and looking forward to contributing here!


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Hi Scotty,

Indeed you need to be a regular of the community first. If you want you can post something first in Feedback and we can always move it to Talk for you if you want. Glad to hear you like Agenda so much!

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Ah, wonderful! Is there defined criteria for what constitutes being regular?

Thanks so much for the reply!


Yeah, there are, it should all be automatic based on how many posts you do, visits etc (basically preventing people from spamming directly after creating a fake account). Don’t know the exact numbers by heard though. Anyway, I’ve promoted you manually, seems like we can trust you not to be a spammer :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope to prove you right! Haha.

That might be interesting info in the Community FAQ. I get why you’d do this, but for me as an established user who was excited to contribute to workflow questions, it was a bit of a barrier. Maybe an opportunity to consider the on boarding process. Hardly a critical thing, though.

Thanks for having me!


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Baffling to me. I’m an early user and stopped by the forum but can’t find a place to reply. I’m thinking I’ve gone brain dead since it should be easy. Is it really because i just joined?

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Yes, I think there are limited spots to contribute until you’ve posted in the available boards.


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How to check what Badges are earnable and their pre-requisites: (IOS)

  1. Click on you your avatar/icon here in the Community (upper right).
  2. On the panel that just opened, click on the settings Gear to the right of your username
  3. On the Settings panel, click on the Badges tab.
  4. Next, click on one of the badge buttons you’ve earned.
  5. When that badge opens, notice under the Agenda island logo, upper left, there’s the orange word “Badges” next to the name of the badge you just opened. Click that.
  6. The next screen shows you all of the badges you might earn during your participation in Community, including the prerequisites.

For you @heyscottyj. :wink:

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So, you can’t respond unless you have asked a question yourself?



Lary R. Kirchenbauer

@lary I got the BASIC badge from doing the @agendabot new user tutorial.

In Messages, type @agendabot start new user… and you’re off and running.

Thanks for that suggestion. I see I have a few badges, but I couldn’t find a “place” to type the @agendabot suggestion to trigger it? Can you be more specific? I may have already passed it as I seem to have a badge for completing the advanced tutorial?

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @agendabot display help.

I use messages in my profile (the little envelope). But see… you just triggered it yourself. :smile_cat: