Unable to paste inside drawings

What I did: attempted to copy part of a drawing attachment

What happened: after selecting the drawing area with the lasso and copying, the strokes were copied to the clipboard— I could paste them e.g. into the native Notes app by long-pressing a blank area, which created a tooltip menu with the option to paste. In Agenda, no menu popped up after long press, making me unable to paste from the clipboard.

What I expected: Copy/paste functionality similar to the native notes app (since Agenda uses the Apple-provided pencil framework)

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 16 and 17, ios 16.3.1, ipad pro 10.5”

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Where are you copying the drawing from? What app?

This is all within Agenda. I noticed it first when trying to move content from one drawing attachment to another, but I have also had issues within the same document.

So you selected something in the drawing, copied, and then opened a different drawing and pasted?

I don’t think we support that yet, indeed. I will add it to the list to look at.