Unable to paste inside drawings

What I did: attempted to copy part of a drawing attachment

What happened: after selecting the drawing area with the lasso and copying, the strokes were copied to the clipboard— I could paste them e.g. into the native Notes app by long-pressing a blank area, which created a tooltip menu with the option to paste. In Agenda, no menu popped up after long press, making me unable to paste from the clipboard.

What I expected: Copy/paste functionality similar to the native notes app (since Agenda uses the Apple-provided pencil framework)

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 16 and 17, ios 16.3.1, ipad pro 10.5”

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Where are you copying the drawing from? What app?

This is all within Agenda. I noticed it first when trying to move content from one drawing attachment to another, but I have also had issues within the same document.

So you selected something in the drawing, copied, and then opened a different drawing and pasted?

I don’t think we support that yet, indeed. I will add it to the list to look at.

Thanks for taking a look at this, for me being able to edit drawings and manipulate handwritten notes is the primary draw for using Agenda.
The desired behavior (being able to copy editable handwritten from Apple Notes, a different Agenda drawing, or content from the current Agenda drawing and paste it into an Agenda drawing) worked perfectly at first! I wonder if Apple updates to PencilKit or iPadOS are at fault…

Just to dig deeper: is this all on a single device, or are you starting the drawing on one device, and finishing on a different one?

All on the same device

OK, will investigate. Thanks!

The issue seems to have resolved with an update to iPadOS 17. Thank you for all your work on supporting a variety of workflows!

Glad to hear! Thanks for letting us know.