Unable to Delete Note



What I did:
I wanted to delete a note, I tapped on the cog wheel (settings icon) on the right hand bottom of the note. I unchecked the dialog box not to warn me about the deletion again.

What happened:
Note doesn’t get deleted. I even tried quitting the app and trying again, so now my project has a lot of notes that need to be deleted.

What I expected:
Note should get deleted.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):


Very odd, does it work if instead of through the cog wheel, you try to delete the note through Edit > Delete in the main menu? Also, which version are you using (shown in the About window)?


It doesn’t work through the following:

  • menu item > Edit > Delete
  • cog wheel (settings icon) > Delete
  • shortcut (Command + Delete)

Did you try to do this after silencing the warning dialog box shown ?

  • Initially delete was working fine
  • Every time I deleted, it showed me a window warning about deleting the note, I checked the box not to warn me again
  • After that delete doesn’t work.


  • Agenda 1.2 (Mac App Store)
  • macOS 10.13.3 (17D47)


Based on my testing:

  • Menu > Edit > Delete - This always delete text that is before the text position.

May be this is the intended behaviour. Probably it is not meant to delete the note, which is fine.

Summary of the problem:

  • After silencing the warning, cog wheel > Delete Note doesn’t delete the note


  • Fix the above stated, so that the user is able to delete the note even after silencing the warning
  • Also please provide a menu item Note > Delete Note to delete the note.
  • Let all functionality be accessible through the mouse be available through menu items. Menu items allows users to customise their own shortcuts for the menu item’s through Mac’s System Preference > Keyboard Shortcuts.


  • Delete app and re-install app, so that the app again starts warning you about deleting the note again. And this allows you delete the note.


Thanks for the follow up, we’ll dive into it.


This has been fixed in today’s 1.4 update. We have also added an additional shortcut (command-option-delete) for deleting a note irrespective of the selection in the note (i.e. it will always trigger the deletion of the note).