Unable to create new categories or edit them

I cannot create a category on my iPad via the program nor edit existing category names. The option to save is not there. Just a cancel button.

Could you send a screenshot of what you describe?

Additionally, I cannot rename pre created categories. I get the same screen. Those were eventually deleted. And of course, I can’t get them back.

Here it is.

Ah, I might know what’s going on, are you using a large text size in the system preferences?

I’ve replied back on my other email also. Nope, it’s not the text size. I changed it to smallest though it was at default and still the same menu. My iPad is up to date by the way with software.

YES! You were right! It just dawned on me when I re read your message. You said System Settings I read it as the font size selection on your app. So I went to settings…fixed the setting and it’s working now. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Ah great, that solves the mystery then. We’ll make sure the dialog is not responding this way to text sizing in a future update.