Unable to connect reminders and calendar on iPad

What I did: Reinstalled app on iPad. Clicked “Connect” in side panel and in settings for Calendars and Reminders.

What happened: The button animates like it was pushed, but nothing happens.

What I expected: Work as it does on phone and Mac.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Tried in regular app v 18.1 and most recent TestFlight version.

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Hmm, odd. Can you give Agenda access via the Settings app? I think in the Privacy section.

I am having the same problem and Agenda does not appear in privacy settings

Me too - but I thought it was because I am on the iOS17 beta

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Actually I have just checked and it doesn’t work on any of my devices - MacBook, iPad or iPhone but they are all on the relevant Public betas .

I am on the beta’s as well on everything. Works on my phone and my Mac. I’ll check the laptop too, but I think it works there as well. Just the iPad that is causing me issues. Maybe because I had it installed and reminders connected on the other devices before upgrading to the betas? I had to reinstall on the iPad.
I installed Things3 and was able to add calendar and reminders permissions to it, so I think it is an Agenda issue.

You can’t give permissions to any apps there as far as I can tell. It will list apps that have permissions to Reminders and you might be able to turn it off there, but iPadOS does not allow you to add an app there.

I’m having this issue on my mac. I’m running the latest MacOS 14 public beta, and when I click the connect button to grant calendar permissions, it turns gray but no request pops up and Agenda does not appear in the settings list.

This issue does not appear to be exclusive to Agenda. I’m also trying to set up Dato (a menu bar calendar), and it also fails at requesting permission or appearing in the system preferences.

I’m assuming this is a bug in the macos beta, possibly related to sandboxing or something, and will likely be fixed in the RC, but I’m adding this in case it isn’t and there’s something that needs to adjust on the Agenda side for Sonoma support.

I am on the RC beta on my iPhone and it works fine. Same OS on iPad but not working.

Hi all
On my side iPhone and iPad not allowing to give access for reminder and calendar. In settings / privacy couldn’t find anything related to Agenda. Both devices are on iOS 17 public.

Same here, public betas of iOS 17. (Recently returned to Agenda)

Same Same

Thanks all for chiming in about this. It helps a lot.

We have discovered the issue. Apple have changed their APIs, and completely removed the old ones. That happens almost never. Luckily we have a day or two until the general public start downloading.

For now, I’m afraid you will just have to wait for the fix. Hopefully through App Review in a day at most.


Thanks for the quick response. Looking forward to it!

@drewmccormack thanks for the 18.1.1 (284) the access is now given :+1:


Update installed and works on my iPhone

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Thank you

I’m totally new to Agenda, downloaded it today on both my Mac and iPhone.
Trying to set up the Calendar & Reminders gives me the same issue as @_ryan described.

Running Sonoma 14.0 PB - Mac OSx.

However, seems to work fine on iOS 17.0

Hopefully, the fix comes soon, I sure want it to work on my Mac as well, hehe.

Hopefully, the fix comes soon, I sure want it to work on my Mac as well, hehe.

The update was initially rejected by Apple because they found a bug (which turns out to be a bug in macOS 14 by their own making so we asked them to go ahead nevertheless), we hope to have the update out ASAP.

Update: This issue should be fixed in Agenda 18.1