UI/UX suggestions

I was excited to see that the iOS app had been released. I think these two changes would make it feel snappier and less cluttered:

  1. If there is a link in a note, a tap on it should just take you to the link destination. Ideally it should seem instantaneous. Let a long press bring up the menu to edit the link or do other stuff.

  2. I think it would look a lot cleaner if you swap the axes of the editing menus. Consider taking the Icon menu items that currently pop up in a vertical column on the left margin and instead put those in a horizontal menu row just above the keyboard. When you tap one of them, a vertical menu pops up above that button with all the options (Header, sub-header etc.)

Better, I think, because as it is now all of that visible text just below a note is distracting from the note itself.

Thanks for listening!

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Thanks for the feedback. We plan on adding the single tap opening of link in a next update. The keyboard change optimises certain scenarios but slows down others compared to what we have now. We have some more ideas in this area so stay tuned.