UI for notes with titles only

For some of my projects, I would like to add very brief updates to it. (Like, one sentence) For now it just looks unpleasant because of the “empty note” label under the note title.

Would it be possible to have the note with titles only not have this “empty note” label? Also having the box resized automatically to fit only the note title?

I don’t know whether this will fit your roadmap/design philosophy of the app, or if you have any other thoughts on implementing it. In any case, I just want to put it on the table that it will be helpful for me and perhaps for some others.

Thank you for the great app!

I don’t think this is something we’ll do as a general concept, but we have some orthogonal ideas in this area that might give you exactly what you’re looking for. Stay tuned.

Also note that you can collapse notes, which hides their content. If you have an empty note, collapsing it will just show the title.

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Thank you very much!