Two suggestions

Thanks for this great app. Two suggestions:

  • When highlighting lists, keep areas below bullets un-highlighted, so highlighted areas are aligned.
  • When selecting a whole line (with 3 taps on iOS) and delete, remove the whole line, i.e. move the next line above, in addition to removing the texts on that line.


Thanks for the feedback!

On the Mac, the 3 taps does work the way you describe. On iOS, it seems it doesn’t. We are using the iOS default behavior, and it seems it doesn’t select the “enter” character. I guess that is how Apple wants it to work, but we’ll take it into account. Thanks!

Thanks much Drew for your prompt response. For the background, I came over from OneNote, and this is one of a few things I miss. On a related note, would it be possible to have a shortcut key from a physical keyboard to select the whole line? Right now Cmd-A selects the whole notes, vs. in OneNote the first trigger selects the whole line, and a second trigger selects the whole note, which would be more useful for me.

Thanks much

Drew McCormack via Agenda Community <>于2023年3月19日 周日下午7:58写道: