Two-line paragraph breaks?

In Agenda on Mac OS, it appears that paragraphs are separated by a single tap on the return key. I’m used to text apps that use two taps on the return key – a blank line between paragraphs. This is a problem when cut-and-pasting from Agenda to another app.

Sure, I could just press the return key twice in Agenda - but then I’m left with a HUGE amount of space between paragraphs.

Is it possible to configure Agenda so that a single return is just a newline, and two returns are a new paragraph, as with most text editors? This is solvable with a simple visual change, changing the spacing that appears when there’s a return between paragraphs. Is there a way to configure this behavior in Agenda?

Simple matter, but this issue makes Agenda unusable for me. Which is a pity, because it otherwise seems like a very nice app.


The only note editors that require two returns are really web editors, and markdown editors, which are both using a hack because they can’t really support true rich text editing.

Agenda is a styled text editor. It works like apps such as Pages.

Adding a preference to change this behavior would likely throw up a lot of problems throughout the app. We can think about it, but I suspect it would be problematic.

What you can do is use the Copy as Markdown feature to move data to other apps. This automatically converts paragraph endings to two lines, as used in Markdown.


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