Tweak to link behaviour in Note in separate window?

When a note is open in a separate window clicking on Agenda Links in that note causes the Main Window to show the note the link refers to. This is brilliant and has improved my workflow hugely.


If I open a Saved Overview in a separate window, and then click on the Show Project link above a note, nothing happens.

It would be great - and I think consistent - if doing that Showed the Project in the main window.

Wouldn’t it be more consistent if it would show the project in the same window?

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I don’t think so. To me that would be the equivalent of clicking an Agenda Link and that note replacing the current note in the Separate window.

It seems to me that you’ve chosen to use Agenda Links in a Separate Window to control what appears in the Main Window. I was actually surprised by this at first, but it hugely useful.

I guess the ‘consistent’ behaviour of Open Project could be argued either way! The main point is that at the moment it’s non-functional in a Separate Window.

Cheers, we’ll take a look what we feel makes most sense and make the link functional.

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@trebso also this I believes properly now in Agenda 18.1 on macOS, can you confirm?