Tweak left hand sidebar on Mac

Could the design of the sidebar be tweaked to show more of the project names? Working on a 13” Macbook I like to give as much space as possible to the centre column of notes, which means many of my project names are truncated in the sidebar.

Admittedly this is partly because I like to give projects names that are action oriented, like “Revise home page” rather than “home page” - which I feel not only fits with the Agenda ethos of short term projects rather than ‘folders’, but also helps be focus on the goals I am working towards.

The left sidebar is resizable, so isn’t that entirely in your hands? Can you be specific about what you would like us to do?

Yes, it’s resizeable but that of course eats up space for the notes, an issue on a small screen.

I was hoping that you could revisit the amount of ‘whitespace’, font, etc to show more characters in the same width before truncation.

Screenshot 2021-02-19 at 09.40.00

Down the line we’ll probably support changing the font size of the UI so you could pick a “small” sidebar style. The other parameters we are not likely to change I’m afraid.

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