Turn off sound effects?



Agenda seems like an awesome app, and the only thing that stands out to me as missing so far is a way of turning off the sound effects, which I really want to be able to do. Not that they are bad or anything, I just generally prefer when apps are silent, except for possibly when recieving a notification.
I might just be missing it somewhere, but otherwise I would be very thankful if you added the ability to make Agenda silent.


Only sound I can think of is the click when you check an item off. Is that what you mean?


Yes, that one, and then I think there was a sound when getting premium, and when starting the app the first time, so it felt like a lot of sounds when I launched it, tried it out and paid for it.
The first-launch-sound might of course be harder to turn of, before even having had a chance to go to the settings :slight_smile:

Anyway, yes primarily the sound for checking an item of, and future possible sounds like that.


First launch sound can be turned off immediately with a button at the bottom of the window.

The only regular sound is the checkbox, I think, which is pretty subtle.


Yes it is pretty subtile and also not a bad sound at all, but the point is that I don’t like that it makes any sound at all, anywhere, subtile or not, and I really miss a way of turning that off, and in practice this seemingly small thing is keeping me from starting to use the app regularily.
All other apps on my Mac (and iPhone and iPad) that has any kind of sound effects at all does also have a way to turn those off, so I don’t see why Agenda should not have that option.
I could of course turn the sound off all together, but then I could not let one or two other apps have sound for their notifications, and I could not listen to music without turning the sound on and off all the time, so that is not really a good option.


I don’t receive any notification from Agenda about my task and projects. Why?


Can you be more specific? Did you expect to get a notification on the day of a note?

Agenda is not a Calendar application; it is a note taking app, which integrates with the Calendar. So it is not designed to give notifications for when things start. That is what Calendar is for.

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Update: Today’s 2.0 update allows you to turn off all sound effects in the Preferences.


Nice! Thanks! :slight_smile: