Trying to understand how to create a shortcut



I’m struggling to see how to create a shortcut to dictate a new note in my Agenda inbox.

I’ve had a look at the shortcut ‘dictate to Bear’ which refers to ‘body’ and ‘title’, but I can’t work out where to find these fields for Agenda.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


See the x-callback-url reference:


Thanks. Maybe I’m being stupid, but I thought the Shortcut app was supposed to make doing this intuitive, just select options from the list?


I’m afraid it’s a bit more complicated than that, best thing to do is to download some of the other shortcuts in this section of the community and have a look how those are set up.


What exactly are you trying to do?


At the moment, when I remember something important I need to do, or I have an idea I don’t want to forget, I use Siri to create either an Apple Note or a Reminder. I find it easier to do this by dictating as I often have these ideas while walking the dog, and I don’t have my reading glasses on, so typing on an iphone it tricky. I later copy these into Agenda.

But I’d rather add them directly to my Agenda inbox. I’d like to be able to:

  • create a new note in my Agenda inbox
  • dictate the title of the note (end by pausing)
  • dictate the body of the note (end by tapping)
  • end

Any suggestions welcome!


This is a quick and dirty version:

You’ll need to edit the url in the second last action to use the right Project name - it’s currently using “Journal”

You can use “Add to Siri” in the settings for it in shortcuts to record a phrase to trigger it.


Thanks! I’ve got this working now.

Couple of weird things though:

  • Short cuts take so long open I think I’d be quicker opening the app and navigating to the inbox!
  • The Dictate to Agenda shortcut doesn’t open via Siri. The command is recognised, but Siri says “Sorry, there was a problem with the app”. This seems to be a known issue, and the fixt suggested in this Reddit thread doesn’t fix it!


Sometimes Shortcuts are slow, sometimes they’re not. I guess they’re faster on an Xs than my 7.

It gave me trouble the first few times. Try running it from Siri unlocked? I have a funny idea it asked for some permission or something - as you can see from the the timestamps I spent about 15mins putting that together so I don’t promise much on robustness!


Thanks! I’ll keep playing with it!

I’m using a 5s which might have something to do with.

I really appreciate the 15 minutes you spent on it - would have taken be much longer, if I’d managed it at all.


A 5s would be annoyingly slow, I suspect.