Trying to set up an iOS shortcut using Agenda templates

I would like to use Agenda more to replace my Bullet Journal (to some extent), but I am hitting a wall. Every morning, I open the app, hold down the plus sign, and choose my template labeled “daily view”. However, there’s got to be an easier way to make this process happen, an ios shortcut on my phone.

Something that says:

  • It’s 8 am, time to run “daily view shortcut” in Agenda
  • Create new note from “dialy view” template
  • This note is now located in “Project: BuJo"

I have spent 3 hours looking at other threads and viewing the various shortcuts that people have uploaded, but I have not been able to figure this out.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Although I’m certainly not as much of a “shortcuts” master as some others here, the key would be to create a template note in Agenda and then create a Shortcut that calls the x-callback-url with the template parameter, see X-callback-url Support and Reference. Once you have these in place you can use the automation feature of the shortcuts app to let it run this shortcut at certain days etc.

Hi Jillayne,

I think I can help you out. I created a small shortcut based on a much larger one I use for creating a daily journal entry. It exactly matches your description, but you can change that…

That shortcut can be found here:

For the “At 8am” part you want to use an Personal Automation for a time of day (Found in the Shortcuts app, middle icon at the bottom then + to create a new automation).

Update: I should mention that in the personal automation you can build the shortcut inside that automation, but I prefer to build it as a regular shortcut and then use the “Run” action to run the shortcut from the automation…


Thanks! I’ve set up the action in Shortcuts. But I can’t work out how to set the automation. I’ve created an automation to run at a certain time, but I can’t see how to select the shortcut in the Shortcut app. I can set the automation to open the Shortcut app, but there seems to be no way to see or select the actual shortcuts.

I think you’d add an action in the Automation of “Run Shortcut”, and from there, you would choose the Shortcut to run.

Hope that helps!


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ScottyJ is right. You want to use Run Shortcut rather than Open Shortcuts.

Run Shortcut will be the only action in your Personal Automation. It will provide a list of your shortcuts so you can pick one to run.

Thank you so much! I needed to search for “run”. I was assuming I would select Shortcut and then choose one of my shortcuts. I suppose it makes sense when you are used to it, but I’m surprised at Apple bundling such an unintuitive app!

Everyone’s responses have been so helpful. Thank you!

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Hmm. I’m back again! I’m created the automation to run at 7:30am. But got this when I looked at my phone:

The shortcut works perfectly when I run it. Do automations not work if the phone is locked? Which seems to defeat the object!

Ah! It seems automations triggered by ‘time of day’ (and some other triggers) can’t be run automatically. You have to set them to ‘ask before running’ and a notification appears on the Lock Screen at the selected time.

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