Trying to create a ChatGPT Siri shortcut that gets your events and reminders, your transcripted audio, and create events and notes for you

I’m working on a Siri ChatGPT shortcut to organize my schedule. The goal is to retrieve existing events and reminders, transcribe my audio input about tasks for the week, and then use this information to create new events and agenda notes.

Algorithm Overview

Retrieving Events and Reminders

• Fetch events for the next 7 days, extracting title, start date, and end date. Do this by using repeat with each action.
• Create a dictionary for events (key = event name, values = start and end dates).
• Follow a similar process for reminders, but only with the due date.

User’s Weekly Plan

• Allow input through an audio file or by initiating recording if no file is provided.
• Transmit the audio to the GPT whisper model for transcription using the Get contents of URL function.
• Retrieve the transcribed audio.

Sending Instructions

• Use Get contents of URL to send instructions with a system prompt, specifying the format for received data (role: system, a content message to get the json dictionary keys as title, values as dates, etc (IDK how I should write this))
• The content of role:user contains the obtained dictionary from the first step along with the transcribed audio.

Event and Agenda Creation

I’m uncertain about the specifics of this part. It needs to extract keys and values related to events, creating events with accurate titles, start dates, and end dates. For tasks, it should generate agenda notes with the correct dates, formatted as checklists. The challenge lies in refining key specifications and formatting tasks appropriately to avoid overlapping with existing events and tasks.

I’m not experienced with ChatGPT API usage, and I’m not a programmer, so please excuse any mistakes. I think the idea is cool and a challenge to implement at the moment. Any help, contribution is welcome :slight_smile:

Sounds really cool. Thanks for posting your idea! Be interesting to get progress updates too.

I’m neither an expert in shortcuts or the ChatGPT API, but seems like something doable.

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Currently I managed to get the events and reminders as dictionaries and I managed to use whisper model to obtain the transcription. The issue now lies on getting it all together and format the Get contents of url using gpt 3.5 turbo. That’s probably easy, the issue is dictionary formatting. I don’t know of I should mix them all in a text box or just grab direct dictionaries and send. I also don’t know how to get the appropriate value of the function call answer.

If you look thru OmniFocus automation you can pick up a lot regarding json and dictionaries.

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Are you trying to pass these dictionaries to Agenda, or to ChatGPT? Or is it a question of formatting them for Shortcuts?

To chatgpt, but I think I got it. IDK how to get the dictionary from chatgpt function call answer