Trying to copy and feedback

Iʼm new. Just really frustrated because all I want to do is to make a copy of the whole of yesterday entry -everything -not parts -and copy it to today. and I have looked and looked and looked for an easy way to do this and so far i have not found it.
I know it is as “easy” as copy the text -cut and paste but im on an iphone or an ipad -no mouse -so its awkward to try to select a full block of text… and then i dont have a right click… no keyboard commands.
I thought it would be easy -i found the icon that everywhere else means copy down at the bottom right on the agenda item -push that and i get what appears to be a copy -but it has the original date and and i cant figure out how to modify it -where us it? what do i do to out that into today’s date? so far Iʼve clicked that button 20 times but while it seems to make a copy, if i leave that page its gone. To where I do not know- so i dont know if Iʼm collecting copies of my agenda somewhere or if Iʼm not completing the process and the copy is just disappearing. How do i complete the process?
so i go looking for instructions and my search for copy and paste tells me all about making templates (with the assumption that you know how to copy and paste)… i look for a definition of that icon and cannot find anything anywhere - no single page showing the icons and explaining what they do -how does this work… and no - im not going to sink any more time sitting with a 12 minute youtube thing- its excruciatingly slow and i have so many better things to so with my time than sit patiently through 5 or 8 or 10 How to videos- hoping that this one will - at some point - tell me how to do something. is there nothing in text!!!
just really frustrated. I got this program (lifetime) to help me train my dog - but so far i spend more time retyping everything im doing by reading yesterdays notes -back and forth back and forth -surely there must be an easier way… I have no idea how you all keep track of all the notes everyone is taking for those complicated projects - i have other systems for that - i’d lose everything if i tried to rely on this agenda app. - all i want to do is keep track of my daily training status and so far id be better off with papers

The Today overview is more like a search than a project. You generally don’t put things in it yourself, instead you just give notes today’s date. Any note with the date today will appear there.

So if you have a note from yesterday, you could change the date to today. If you want to make a copy of that note instead, best to just copy the note, and then change the date to today.

And How Do You Copy the Note?
if i just change the date I lose the information on the previous date (i tried that) -I need to keep where I’ve been- i just want to carry everything forward so i know what to work on
thank you for your reply -but its literally the same kind of answer i get from “help”… just “copy and paste”… how? how do i cooy and paste?

If you click on the cog/wheel on the bottom of your note then you have the option to duplicate your note. This should give you an identical copy and in “Today’s” date. (screenshot from my iPad).

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