Troubleshooting: Tasks in iPadOS or iOS vs MacOS

What I did:
Used \remind to setup a task in iPadOS, iOS and MacOS. I have integration turned on (and have since the feature came out) for reminders and event sync. I am using beta versions. In all 3, I have setup the name, reminder time and date and specific the list (only have one) that it syncs to just to be deliberate (note I tested with MacOS just setting a task using the default info and also changed it to see if the behavior was different - it was not).

What happened:
I’ve tried different ways to set up some tasks in iPadOS and iOS, which all integrate to Apple Reminders just fine. They do not however sync with Exchange to make it to Microsoft To-do.

When I do the exact same task setup on MacOS, it works just fine.

What I expected:
Tasks setup in Agenda would sync with Reminders and then Microsoft todo naturally because of Exchange sync.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
I’m on latest beta OS for version 13 (both iPad and iPhone) and for MacOS Catalina 10.15.5 with latest beta release on MacOS.

I’m a big Agenda fan for lots of reasons but have seen this backward change in the tasks behavior. Also, because my research yesterday, saw tons of opinions on the task discussion. I loved the idea of managing from the notes the tasks completion but personally like the Microsoft ToDo way of managing tasks and creating a MyDay view for focus. The power of both solutions allows me to be more successful and Microsoft ToDo is creating more functionality (seems to be as fast as Agenda). I’d love an integration API there for Agenda tasks instead - then you don’t have to revamp like you’re thinking! :slight_smile:

So just to get it right, if you create a reminder from Agenda on your Mac it ends up in your Exchange to do list, but not if you try the same from your iPad? And you do have the exchange list setup in the Reminders app on your iPad too? What if you create a reminder on the same list from the Reminders app, does it end up in your Exchange todo list?

Yes that is correct. And yes, tasks setup in reminder syncs just fine. When the feature was first released in Agenda, this was not an issue as I tested it then.l and used for a while but stopped bc of other bad habits.

Trying to see if you’ve been able to review. This is creating a challenge for me as I capture tasks using my ipad which is much easier for note taking.

Some additional feedback: I’ve seen that I can edit these tasks in the agenda macOS and then they show up fine immediately thru reminders>exchange>Microsoft to do. Some type of syntax is coming in via iPhone and iPad when it is created and I’m not doing different sets.

I’m happy to report that after downloading the iOS and iPad OS 14 beta 2, this is no longer issue. Tasks are synching from creating in Agenda thru Reminders thru to Exchange.

Ah glad to hear that and thanks for reporting!

Absolutely. One behavior I noticed: if I complete a task in reminders or exchange and then move it to incomplete (in agenda or reminders), it will create a new task in reminders not modify the original. Do you know what the expected behavior was intended to be? Was it not expected to stay with the original task?