Trouble with Dropbox Syncing between iPhone and Mac

Hello! Fairly new user on this great app, so I suppose it’s normal that I’ve ran into a small issue.

As I’m not particularly fond of iCloud, I’ve chosen to sync my notes through Dropbox. This worked on my two MacBooks, and the sync is faster than I thought it would be!

However, the problem comes with my iPhone. I have the app installed, I’m logged into the same Dropbox and Agenda community accounts, yet none of my notes have synced up on my iPhone. There is also no manual sync option (that I know of) on the iOS app, so I’m not too sure on what to do.

I welcome and thank all contributions to helping me solve this problem!

The sync should happen automatically, so no need for a sync button.

If you open the right panel, do you see a cloud flash at the bottom on your iPhone? If so, it is probably working. Just try to keep the iPhone running for a while with Agenda in the foreground. Perhaps turn off the autolock for a bit to let it finish the first sync.

BTW When you turned on the Dropbox sync, did it open the Dropbox app to ask you to sign in? If not, make sure you have the Dropbox app installed, turn off the sync on the iPhone, and then turn it on again and sign in.


Will there be any improvements to the Dropbox sync in the new 11.0 beta? I’ve been wanting a reason to come back to using Agenda but can’t until the Dropbox sync is working flawlessly across devices.

I had this same problem at the beginning of the year and actually ended up “losing” notes as a result. I was syncing Mac, iPad, and iPhone and it seemed like it would work if I only ever entered notes on the Mac but when entering notes on either iOS device things would get screwy and I would have to turn off dropbox sync and re-enable to get everything sync’ed back up. I ended up losing notes that I had entered on my iPad and so I stopped using Agenda in January. However, I’ve been monitoring the improvements closely and look forward to the day I can start using it again! The concept is superb and has been missing from the digital world.

For me personally I can’t use iCloud on my work computer (network policy) although we can use Dropbox. It seems like if you can use iCloud, you should. I haven’t heard of the same problems with that Sync.

Yes, it should be improved in v11.