Trouble with attachments

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What I did: moved an attachment from a note to another, or inside the same note (not a linked one, a file that was only in Agenda) (for example a pdf or an editable file like Pages or Numbers)

What happened: Agenda didn’t know anymore where the attachment was when I clicked it to open so… I couldn’t open it anymore. I have had the same with another (Numbers file), fortunately opened, and the Mac told it didn’t know where to save the file after editing, and so, made me able to save it elsewhere. So I think Agenda doen’t like very much when attachments move but…

What I expected: I have begun to put all my important files in Agenda, because it’s very handy to find files IN projects, without having to search in Finder. But if Agenda may lose access to my files… being not able or to open or to put them elsewhere to grab them again… ouch !
I don’t want to use links to attachments because it’s far less handy for me. I can change files location and then the link os lost, of course. If it’s stored in Agenda it’s just there and it’s great !

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda on Mac Version 15.0.1 (237) Mac 0S 12.6 MacBook Air (M1, 2020)

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Sorry you experienced that.

Do you remember anything about what happened when the attachment got “lost”. Had you just edited it? Had you been editing it for a while? Or was it because you moved it while it was open in another app?

Hello Drew,

It happened with 2 attachments, one when I moved it while it was opened in Numbers (but I’ve been able to keep it), and one when I moved it without being opened (and it’s lost). It was just a pdf, I took it from a note to another note (cut and copy).

Aside this, I have been opening and editing files (hosted in Agenda) in Numbers during a long time, I saved several times, closed and re-opened them without any trouble.

That’s just when I began to move some files inside Agenda that I began to have trouble with them. The one I place and don’t move, don’t seem to have trouble.

I think about something else : is there a way to know the space taken by the Agenda library ? Because if it’s not too big, maybe I can activate iCloud sync again… and maybe avoid a little more these kind of troubles ? I’m wondering about keeping all on the Mac only, or shared with the iPad but… the iPad is only 32 Go. And I’m not very keen on taking space on the cloud, for anergy savings.

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The way Agenda works, it has to keep a complete copy of your data on the device. So turning on iCloud does not free up any space like it would for, say, the photos app.

So you probably only really want sync turned on if you are really syncing with other devices, or you want to have a backup of some sort, in case the iPad breaks or something (if you have the iPad backed up to iCloud, the Agenda data should also be backed up).

Oh sorry, I didn’t explain enough…

I mainly work on the Mac, whose local storage is OK :wink: I wonder how big is the library, for if I want to sync Agenda with the iPad, which is poor in storage.

If I have all my files synced through Agenda, will I have almost everything available immediately on the iPad, or will it have to download most of the files, like it is in Books for example? It’s long because I don’t always have wifi where Iwant to use the iPad … Or if you say everything is stored locally, will Agenda crash on the Ipad if the library takes too much space ? How will it manage the extra space needed, if ever ?

During the times I had the Mac and iPad synced together, I noticed trouble in the sync … so now I want to use it as a main tool, I need to understand a little more :wink:

Thank you :wink:


Agenda does download everything. It doesn’t leave things in the cloud, because it needs to work off line, search local data, etc. So it could take up too much space on your iPad if the iPad doesn’t have much.

If you iPad runs out of space, I’m afraid Agenda and other apps would start to behave oddly and crash, so it is worth knowing for sure you can fit the data on it.

You can probably find out how much the Mac is using like this:

  1. Click on Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder, and enter ~/Library/Group Containers. Find the folder
  2. Select that folder, and choose File > Get Info in Finder

It should calculate the size and show it to you.

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Thank you very much :wink:

It takes 3 Go, I think it should be OK, I will try :wink:

Thank you :wink:

Any idea about the trouble with moving attached files ?



The attached file issue is tricky, mainly because we need to be able to make it happen to see what is going on.

If you notice something about when it happens, or — even better — can come up with a set of steps that makes it happen every time, please let us know.

In the meantime, Agenda 16 is available now, so please see if that helps in any way.


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