Trouble syncing my Outlook calendar on all platforms

What I did: Set up Agenda on iPhone 14, iPad Air 5th, Macbook Air '23

What happened: I’m seeing different levels of calendar syncing on each device. Only the iPhone has my work calendar entries (from MS-Outlook) showing up in the right side panel - not seeing work meetings on iPad or Macbook which are my primary note-taking devices.

What I expected: Need to see the same calendar entries across all devices.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): I think I have the newest versions of Agenda and OS on all 3 platforms. My guess is that there is something I’m not doing correctly in the account setup, but I’m not sure where to go and what to look for. Thanks for any help. Excited to get going with Agenda.

Do all of those calendars show up in Apple’s Calendar app on each device? Agenda is using Apple’s system-wide calendar store. If you can make those calendars appear in Apple’s app, they should also be in Agenda.