Trello Integration

In thinking of things, did we think to add a trello integration


In what way would you envision this to work? Can you elaborate more on what you’d like to see?

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I know this isn’t my thread, but I’ll add my 2¢…

Right now, you can create a calendar entry, as long as it has a duration. You should also be able to enter a reminder / point-in-time entry. Those calendars aren’t selectable.

For Trello, it would be very interesting to link a note to a Trello card. Thus, a note in Trello would potentially be able to show a status of a card as it tracks through Trello.


Yes I would love to do that. We use Trello for project management and what gave me the thought today was I was setting up a new project that needed an employee to do. Ie set up ms365 service for a client so I made my entry . But then and to go to Trello to create the card for the employee. I I thought wouldn’t it be nice is we could link our Trello account sections could be added to Trello just like how I can post it to a one note notebook

Reminders in the calaender screen and Trello integration would be the two thinks I wish for


Thanks both, Reminder support is pretty high up on our list, and note that you can already create Agenda links to notes and projects (Edit > Copy As > Agenda Link) that you can paste in Trello. Further integration will probably take a while as other things like inline images have a higher priority right now.


If I can add – My group uses Trello for project management and coordination, and we like its fit to our requirements for those two things. We are geographically distributed, and we use Trello to manage content for weekly meetings where task progress is a key focus. Unfortunately, we’ve had to ‘hack’ Trello for this particular function - we create a card for each meeting, an agenda in the Checklist of a card, and then notes on agenda items in the Comments fields. It works, but it’s a bit trashy. One integration I can see here – I’m brand-new to Agenda – is to keep the agenda AND the notes from the meeting in Agenda, have that attached to the Meeting card, and then have an efficient way to add new tasks into Trello (although that may be a bridge too far…)


I use Agenda as my personal Master Tool for everything. The project I am running and its Trello board is a link within my notes on that project. Created from within Trello, “link to this board”.


Thanks to Thomas and Alexander, I’ll definitely use that ‘link back’ between Trello and Agenda.

i envision share feature to trello that parses markdown and sends todos to a trello board based on who they are assigned to.

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I will throw my hat in the ring too as a supporter of this integration.

Only having Apple reminders and calendar is limiting to the function of Trello. Whereas Trello empowers both already. Thus, Agenda could improve the accessibility of all three.

I have been creating a complex Trello group for the three courses I am taking this upcoming quarter. I have created a study guide for each course within Trello. The vision I had occurred when I was creating a checklist for a card. One of my tasks was to meet with the professor. If I could link that task to Agenda from Trello, by sharing the iCal URL, description, and date and time of the card with Agenda, then I could have that available to me when I am ready to go to Agenda without having to redo 75% of the content. I also think the calendar power up on Trello could integrate with an Agenda Project that is more functional within the app itself. I can see this sort of workflow becoming a power user type function.

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Woul be very useful in my everyday use of both :
une exportation croisée (crossed integration?) like
a card -> a post, and
a post -> a card
a list or a board -> a project,
or the other way round,
keeping the tags and the links with Calendar (date or dur date…).

Thank you !

I would only like to import my notes from Trello. Trello has a this export as JSON feature, which, will give you everything in a file. Agenda would only need to import this. Each board is could be a project, each card a note and each list a tag, or something like that.

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A couple of notes on this subject of integration with Trello.

First, would it be practical, conceivable to create a Kanban system within Agenda? That may be way out in left field for what Agenda aims to do, or it might actually mostly be a UI issue of creating a layout to display some set of “Projects” side-by-side and supporting drag-n-drop of subprojects or items between those lists.

Second, I would prefer to use Trello for Calendaring, or something other than Reminders. I am personally no longer using Apple Reminders ever since the recent iOS upgrade that demands that I upgrade my Mac to Catalina to keep things synced between phone and desk. It’s no longer seamless, but I’m coping.

I am staying with Mojave for as long as I can because I personally have a lot of money invested in 32-bit apps such as MS Office, Acrobat Pro, Adobe Illustrator that will ALL have to be replaced once I upgrade away from Mojave. Reminder syncing is not worth several hundred dollars to me.

I moved from PhotoShop to The GIMP years ago and never looked back. I’m moving from Illustrator to Inkscape and it looks like with Inkscape 1.0 in May 2020 there’s now a similar improvement in core functions over “the high-priced spread”.

I would love to find an open source replacement for Acrobat Pro. I have no idea where Open Office is these days, I decided several years ago that where they were then was not professional enough for my needs. Meanwhile, my need for them and my very tight budget keeps me on Mojave, which means abandoning Reminders.

So please find another calendar functions besides Reminders. Trello would be fine.