Trashing a note does not remove reminders

What I did:

  • Add a new note with reminders.
  • Reminders have not ran and not marked completed.
  • Trashed the note.
  • Emptied the trash.

What happened:

  • Reminders still exist and alert.
  • Before and after emptying trash.

What I expected:

  • Reminders to be removed on trash.
  • Perhaps kept if marked as completed?

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

iOS Agenda v.12.0 (175)

I think the issue is already highlighted by your “Perhaps kept if…”, in that it makes sense in some cases and for some to delete the reminders, while others would not want the reminders to disappear. It’s all about how strictly one couples reminders to notes. We’ll see if we can offer the option to remove the reminders as a question posed at the time of emptying the trash in a future update.

I think it’s a better assumption that if someone deletes a note before the reminder runs, it is no longer wanted.
Especially if the trash is also deleted cause where does the reminder agenda:// link even go to then?

Again, that very much depends on whether you consider Agenda completely owning the reminder. It seems you are in this camp and then I agree it makes sense to want it to be deleted. However, there’s also those who see Reminders much more as a standalone app, and the fact that you link to a reminder in a note, doesn’t mean that the note now owns the reminder. Kind of like when I link a note to a calendar event and decide I don’t want the note anymore, I might not necessarily want to remove the event from my calendar.

Especially if the trash is also deleted cause where does the reminder agenda:// link even go to then?

When you delete the trash the URL is in fact removed from the reminder.

Gotcha. I am trying to use Agenda as a replacement to Reminder, mainly because I want verbose notes along with the reminders which the default Reminder does not do.

IMO the selective syncing is unclean. Agenda would now leave fragments on other apps even though it was the originator but yet clean out references (url) to itself. Nevertheless it is good to know how it works now. Thank you.

I would argue the other way around, it would be unclean to leave a reminder with a dead link in it. Who’s the originator doesn’t matter in this case, you can create reminders in any app be it the system Reminders app, a third party reminders replacement, or from within Agenda. We don’t make a difference as to which app creates the reminder, but your default Reminders app is the boss over reminders. Agenda merely links to them and removes the link when the note gets deleted again.

The same is true for Calendar events and the Calendar app, there it would be simply unexpected if the event would be deleted when you delete the note. Reminders are a bit more in a grey area as they are generally considered more light weight than calendar events, don’t really have other invitees and are also part of the note text rather than assigned at the note level itself. This grey bit makes it more logical to delete the reminder if it was originally created in Agenda, however we prefer to stay on the cautious side and not make this happen without any confirmation by the user so he/she’s fully aware why the reminder is suddenly gone from the Reminders app. As said, the solution would be to just ask at the time of emptying the trash what you’d like to happen.