Trash On the Agenda

What I did:

Upgraded Agenda to 17.

What happened:

Trash items (marked as on the agenda) showed up on the agenda.

What I expected:

Trash items, even if marked on the agenda, to continue not showing up on the agenda.

Was this intentional or a bug? Any way to disable this?

That’s odd, does it resolve itself if you (force) quit the app and restart it?

Restarting the app didn’t help. Btw, this is MacOS only. I didn’t open Agenda on any other device yet, after upgrading.

I had about a half dozen show up in my iPad app right after the upgrade. I deleted and haven’t seen them back since (or on my iPhone - haven’t had a chance to check the Mac app yet).

Very odd, we’ll dive into why this might happen.

Update: This issue should be fixed in the 17.0.1 update