Trackpad support

Any plans for trackpad support?

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Do you mean the iPad?

Any particular parts of the iPad trackpad you want supported? I assume basic operation works OK. Probably could use some nicer touches (we don’t have one to test yet).

Yes, I mean iPad. I got Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. Right-click menus would be cool.

I see. Thanks for letting us know. We will see what we can do.

Highliting control buttons, notes in list and objects in menus while howered by cursor would be cool.

On our list to do. Thanks!

+1 for some iPad trackpad support. In particular for me 2-finger swipes to reveal left and right sidebars would make a world of difference.

We have some coming, but what exactly would two finger swipes do here?

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+1. Trackpad support and full integration to iPad OS’s unique cursor implementation will be great. Two finger swipes will be useful, especially if you want a quickly open one of the side bars on the left or right.

The upcoming version 11 update will fully support the trackpad indeed.

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