Touch Bar Text Colour

Hey guys,

Loving the app so far, but I just wanted to report a bug.

The touchbar on my Macbook Pro shows an option to change the colour of text. However, after highlighting and changing the colour of something, when I click away it just reverts back to black.

Is it actually possible to change the colours, or is this just a touch bar issue?

Thank you!

Thank you for reporting this. It is indeed not possible to change colors at this point.

We need to do some Touch Bar testing. Thanks for letting us know.



I don’t have a Touch Bar M.B. Pro, and I like to use text coloring when I use Notes and similar apps for highlighting. I realize text coloring isn’t part of the markdown spec - but it would be great if this could be implemented, and not just for those with Touch Bar MacBooks.

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Coloring the text is another useful feature that I’m waiting for before I migrate to Agenda. Would be great to see it soon and regardless of the Mac model (with or without a touch bar).