New to Agenda. I noticed that in the iOS device there is a toolbar for bold, italic, etc. Is there someway to activate this while writing a note in the macOS version?



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No this bar is only available on iOS, on macOS you can click the dot in the gutter to get access to the same items though:

Screenshot 2020-08-19 at 15.18.10

Ah! Thanks for the tip.

And implicitly: it would be a great addition to note-writing on #macOS:slight_smile:

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I think a toolbar would be a great idea to add to the macOS version. Somehow the app doesn’t feel 100% at home on a mac, as it doesn’t follow interface conventions.

I wouldn’t mind a toolbar with button to edit/format text, share or print notes, put them on the agenda, etc.

Sorry, I’m afraid it’s not a design direction we’ll go.