Too slow to type

when the notes are a little large. it becomes too slowly to type.


Large notes do slow down, yes. We are planning to start working on improving this performance in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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Yeah, I think you should… urgently.

this is still an issue.

Its even more annoyed with “undoing"

Agenda is much much faster than it was when this post was started. We have since spent a lot of time improving performance.

Can you be specific about what cases you find slow? Typing? Is it a large note? Do you have a lot of tags or attachments? Is there perhaps background sync going on?

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Inputting text in Agenda is indeed much faster than before. I had not updated the app when I replied to this thread.

I have spent the last 11 days trying to recreate and do a screen capture of my issues when typing. Even in my largest project with 400+ notes. However, I had updated my Agenda version to the latest before doing so, and as a result it is indeed much much faster when inputing text and I didn’t experience any lag when inputting text.

I apologise for claiming this is still an issue without updating the app first.

Undoing is still noticeably slow, and while recording a video of it comparing it to the Notes app I might have even uncovered a bug. I’m sharing it here: undoing in agenda vs notes - YouTube

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Is this in version 9.3 or the beta for version 10?

This is 9.3.2

We’ve made significant improvements to undo in Agenda v10, let us know whether you still see these issues once it’s out.

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