Too Many Calendars Visible

What I did: In the app on my iPhone, I’m seeing not only my work calendar, but I’m also seeing every calendar I have access to (like my mother’s, my husband’s, my choir, etc). I’d like to turn these off.

What happened: Every hour, I see a client (I’m a therapist), and I have to scroll through endless garbage appointments that I don’t have visible on any other platforms.

What I expected: To be able to turn the ones I don’t want to see off.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): I also use the Mac version of Agenda.

It sounds like you would like to buy the premium features so you can turn off the calendars that you do not wish to see in Agenda :smiley:

I already own Premium. So how do I fix it?

In the right side navigation panel, if you scroll all the way down on the bottom left there is an icon for adjusting Agenda preferences. In preferences, six options down is a “Show Events from Calendars” field, expand the “All Calendars” value and turn off any calendars you don’t want included.

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