Tomorrow on the Agenda

Could we have an option for automatically putting notes that are due tomorrow ‘on the Agenda’? I usually like to have it this way, since with the ‘Today’ view I can already see notes that are due Today, so having them ‘on the Agenda’ seems redundant to me.



Instead what you can do is go to Search All, then set a date filter (button next to the search field) for “Tomorrow”, and save this a smart overview (premium feature).

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I did it and I have both tomorrow and yesterday which are very useful to move up and down the recent events. A point which could improve this feature would be to have the possibility to select shortcuts for this saved search. I mean for Agenda and Today there is command 1 and 2. Wouldn’t be possible to set even command 3-4-5-6… for these saved searches, to make the operation quicker?

Good suggestion, we’ll think about that.