Token for tags in the search field

What I did:

  1. start the search for notes with 3 tags or more
  2. enter the first tag in the search field and then press the space bar
  3. then I continue the input with the second tag and so on.

What happened:
Every second tag is not converted to a token after pressing the space bar.

What I expected:
Tokens are generated from all tags when the space bar is pressed.
It should then look like this:

Why do I have to press the space bar twice after the first, third etc… to generate a token?

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
iOS, iPadOS and Agenda: latest version

Hmm, just tested on Mac, and it worked fine.

Is this just happening on iOS for you?

This happens on iOS and iPadOS.

Thanks. I just tested, and see the problem. We will look into it.

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